While your body and spirit know what they need to heal, it’s often lost in the confusion of all the choices and stresses you face.  Sometimes what’s helpful is a detoxification program, sometimes it’s better nutrition, or greater physical activity, other times it’s the spirit that is longing for healing of deep emotional issues.  It can often be confusing to try to make sense of all our different needs in the healing process.  
Whatever the life force is expressing, by saying "Yes" to it, we are moving in the direction of Life, of Love, and of healing.  Often it is the healing of our deep emotional pain that frees our body at the cellular level to heal from the physical pain, discomfort, or disease process.  By addressing different aspects of health at once, the process towards restoration of health can be quicker.  
Hi, I’m Janet Tanski French (aka Caya) and I’m here to do my best to help your body get what it needs to be healthy.  I’m a traditional naturopath, a homeopath, and an EFT practitioner.  While I have many tools that can help with acute and short-term problems, I specialize in helping people navigate their way through chronic disease and back to health.   

Are you facing a health challenge?  

Are you looking for a science-based approach that incorporates proven natural alternatives?

Do you want to not only reverse or prevent disease but also create vibrant wellness?

Yes2Life therapies have been successful in the following areas: 

Restore and maintain your health using a  comprehensive natural approach!

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Let your body's own wisdom be the guide when it comes to your health care.  

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Homeopathic Medicine is a deep and gentle medicine for a wide variety of illnesses.

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Naturopathy & Functional Medicine
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Yes2Life Natural Health integrates naturopathy, functional medicine protocols, homeopathy, and energy therapies to provide effective, natural health solutions for acute and chronic illnesses. 
Whatever your life force is expressing, by listening and paying attention to its innate wisdom we can find and address the root causes of your health concern.  

At Yes2Life, the focus is on finding and healing the cause of the illness and then helping you create deeper and deeper levels of wellness.  This can be effectively accomplished through the combination of listening to your body's wisdom through BodyTalk, doing a detailed homeopathic intake, meridian assessment testing, functional laboratory testing, classical homeopathy, herbal & nutritional medicine, and/or different kinds of energy medicine. Why suppress symptoms (e.g. with a drug) when symptoms are the body's way of getting our attention that a deeper underlying issue is needing attention?  If we don't address the cause, the disease can progress.

By addressing the various aspects of your health (the physical body, mind and spirit) in a holistic way, we can facilitate the process of restoration and maintenance of full health in the quickest way possible. The goal is to support your body and spirit so you can heal from the inside out and then concentrate on your most important tasks in life: living your life to the fullest whatever that means to you... e.g. focusing on the relationships you want, making the money you want, and enjoying your life!

My name is Caya Janet Tanski. My commitment is to help you be healthy and vibrant by listening to your body's wisdom about what it needs, and by using a variety of effective natural medicine practices.  I’m a nationally certified naturopath and homeopath and energy medicine practitioner. I help people with both acute illness and chronic illnesses by addressing the root cause of the imbalance.   
Digestive Imbalances
Chronic Yeast Infections
Liver and Kidney Imbalances
Adrenal dysfunction
Female issues (e.g. PCOS)
Chronic or acute respiratory illness
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Heavy Metal toxicity
High cholesterol & hypertension
Blood Sugar Balance
Anxiety and Depression
Cancer support

Emotional Freedom

Do you have any of the above issues or another acute or chronic illness such as the following?
  • Frequent colds and flus
  • Decreased strength
  • Fatigue at certain times of the day or all day
  • Poor quality sleep
  • Hot flashes
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Thinning Hair
  • Abdominal fat
  • Joint Stiffness or pain
  • Anxiety
  • Overwhelm related to stress?

 Naturopathy, Homeopathy and Energy Medicine can Help! 

It is not necessary to have a specific diagnosis to listen to your body's wisdom about what you would best benefit from at any point in time.