Flowers bring us joy 
and healing through their beauty and their graceful offering to our spirit.
Emotional Freedom

I have borrowed this introduction describing Flower Essences from the Alaskan Essences website 

“What Are Flower Essences?

“Flowers are the crowning achievement of the plant kingdom, divine expressions of creativity made manifest through heavenly scents and stunning displays of color. This divine creativity is also present on a subtle vibrational level, where each flower embodies a life-affirming pattern of conscious energy. These patterns have their origin in the higher dimensions and are manifested in our physical world through the specific form of each plant.

“Flower essences are a transference of these positive patterns of energy into a liquid medium. This is accomplished by placing healthy flowers that are at the peak of their blossoming cycle into a bowl of pure water, which is then left to potentize in the sun. The resulting infusion is then preserved and diluted for internal and external use."


Flower Essences
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How can Flower essences be used?

Flower essence can be used in different ways.  They can:
elevate one’s life force energy
help heal emotional pain or trauma
elicit a change in one’s attitude or a change in perspective
help break unwanted emotional habits
help release unhelpful beliefs
help a person manifest their deepest longing
help support healing at the physical level by using them directly on the parts of the body 
 that need them


Working with flower essences is one of the things I am most excited and passionate about in my practice at Yes2Life Natural Health.  I have made many of my own essences and delight in what they offer us.  Flowers are an incredible gift on our Earth.  They joyfully provide us with great beauty and enormous healing opportunities at all levels.

Enjoy the benefits of a Flower Essence combination created just for you, based on your personal circumstances and needs.

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