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You have two options for taking your first step toward healing with naturopathic medicine. 

A.  Make an Appointment for an Initial Comprehensive Office Visit 
Your extensive initial consultation with Caya will lay the groundwork for your health-rebuilding program. An initial visit includes a comprehensive evaluation of your condition and your relevant health history, a Body Talk session, recommendations for further lab testing, and recommendations for nutritional and lifestyle protocols, herbal medicine, homeopathic remedies or nutritional supplements.   A full homeopathic consultation may require a second visit before a remedy will be given. 

In order to expedite your first visit, it is best if you send me the intake forms and laboratory results ahead of time so that I can assess them prior to our appointment.  We sill send the intake forms to you email, mail or fax.   

B.  Email or Call to set up a Free Consultation.
A 20 minute free consultation will give you an opportunity to find out how my services can help you. You can ask questions about my approach and decide whether you wish to set up a comprehensive office visit. The free consultation is not intended to dispense medical advice, give you a medical diagnosis or recommend a specific treatment program.  

This introductory consultation can be in person (this is most ideal because we get to meet) or it can be by phone or skype.  

How to Get Started on the Road to Better Health
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"With Dr. Tanski's help, within one year my son went from getting Ds and Fs to standardized tests that were 90% math and 97 or 98% comprehension!
Angela N, 
Jacksonville, MO