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Saying “Yes” to Life is a way of being that best supports a full, vibrant, satisfying and healthy life.  Saying “yes” is a statement of acceptance, of embracing all the circumstances of our life and of being open to what is occurring in each moment.   Saying “Yes” is not always easy.  I know this well.  Throughout my life I have very easily found ways to say “No!” to what is, whether it be my best friend’s terminal illness, the U.S. invasion of this or that country, my father’s sudden death, my daughter’s severe illness, my or someone else’s ‘history,’ from the “big” things to the smallest.  “That’s not right,” or “that’s not good enough,” or “that is unjust,” “this could/should be better,” “I wish this were otherwise,” “this person/situation should not be this way” ... and on, and on, and on....

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In the grand scheme of things, life is the way it is due to a myriad of causes and conditions, and due to events way beyond our control.  We don’t fully know why anything is the way it is, except that everything affects everything.  The originator of the “butterfly flapping its wings effect,” MIT's department of meteorology professor, Edward Lorenz said that the "innumerable" interconnections of nature mean that a butterfly's flap could cause a tornado - or, for all we know, could prevent one. Similarly, in his estimation, should we make even a tiny alteration to nature, "we shall never know what would have happened if we had not disturbed it," since subsequent changes are too complex and entangled to restore a previous state. 

So the point is that an infinite number of events occurring in the universe came together to create this particular situation in this moment.  According to our mental state, we might find the conditions to our liking or not.  But it’s the ‘liking’ or ‘not liking’ that causes the mental suffering.  If we are able to accept, and simply open and be present with whatever is, without judging “good” or “bad,” or at least if we can go beyond (or even underneath) all the mental commentary, we can find a peace and even a joy to simply be alive, alive with our present circumstances of life, no matter what they are.   By being present with what is (no matter how things came to be the way they are) we can find joy.  Even when our life circumstance seems particularly difficult or painful, by being present we can tap into our “being-ness” and into an intimacy with what is, with life itself.  Just by being there and allowing whatever is there to move through us, we are experiencing life fully, even if it often means that we experience pain.  The key is to let go of commentary and judgment about what is happening and simply be present.  Experience the second by second changes in the body/mind experience.  If there is pain, notice changes that happen continuously in the pain experience, how it eventually changes into something else.  If there is sorrow, be with the sorrow.  The second we start resisting what is, or start criticizing either the situation or ourselves, we are simply creating (more) suffering.  

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Why illness, why poverty, why war?  All due to an infinite number of causes and conditions.  Can we stop it?  Or at least can we each make a difference?  Absolutely.  We are part of the causes and conditions that are creating the future.  And in terms of health, knowing which causes of illness that we can address and correct will certainly help us move towards wholeness and well-being.  When we are totally present with what is, we find wisdom about how we  might be involved in making a difference.   We can bring all our efforts to bear on making positive, lasting changes.   Yet if things don’t work out quite the way we wanted, we know that we did what we could, and we again can simply be present with what is happening each moment.  Each present moment is all we have to make a difference.  The past and the future are only figments of imagination.  And if we fight and argue with life in the present moment, we are just creating more suffering.

If we are ill, to get back into total balance we must accept our current situation and do what we can to understand and address some of the main factors that brought us to this present moment or state.  We must be able to even say “yes” to the disease state in order to learn the lessons that are there for us, to understand what our being is telling us, and to work with our “vital force” to restore and maintain the most vibrant degree of health possible.  Unless we have reached our end-point in this physical life, our vital force is continually seeking to establish homeostasis of vibrant health at all levels, from the deepest mental emotional spheres to every level of the physical being.   When there are blockages of any sort, the role of the homeopath and naturopath is, to the greatest extent possible, to identify and remove those blockages to healing.  In order to do that, we work with what the vital force is expressing to us, with all the forces of our full creative and physical potential.

Saying YES to every moment of our life, no matter how painful it sometimes may feel, moves us closer and faster to our goals of health.  So how and why would we say ‘yes’ to diseases like cancer, neurological disorders, mental health disease and cardiovascular disease, etc.?  Why say ‘yes’ to war, famine, poverty, etc?  The answer is that we are saying ‘yes’ in the sense that we are accepting the fact that we have the disease or have the current world situation for a series of reasons (some of which we might never understand).  Then we do everything we can to listen to what our being is trying to communicate and to address as many root causes as possible.  We do what the body’s life force needs in relation to all the underlying causes (or as many as we might be able to affect) to be able to reverse the disease or create the life we want.   By addressing the root causes of the disease (or the current situation) and by taking into consideration all the aspects of ourselves (including our environment), we are able to identify which are the fundamental aspects that can be addressed to restore balance.