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" I honestly feel the best that I have felt in a very long time after meeting with you last week!! Oh my gosh, I can't even begin to express my gratitude!! THANK YOU!! I was actually able to spend time outside with my horses over the weekend, and I was able to spend time grooming them! I actually felt brave enough to venture in to Wal-Mart...and I didn't have what I call a "crash" after. They sound like small things, but to me being able to do them was AMAZING!   


Sara W. -- Columbia, MO


"It is my honor and pleasure to give testimony for Dr. Caya Tanski-French.

Dr. Tanski came into my life almost 5 years ago at a time for me of great weakness, fatigue, stress, illness and exhaustion.   I had struggled for many years with many doctors trying to evaluate, diagnose, and treat my symptoms.  Caya was wonderful alternative for which I had been praying.

Caya’s approach is logical and holistic.  She gathers information-using observation, verbally asking questions and using tapping(body talk).  She attends to all aspects of my responses including emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual as well as the verbal words.  She understands and deals with all these as integral parts of the whole.  Singling these aspects out in the past for me usually meant only addressed a symptom and usually only temporarily.  I feel I am respected and taken seriously whenever I give any information to Caya.   

Caya has done so very much to support me in teaching me and attending to my health issues.  She has addressed my nutritional needs as well as medical concerns along with emotional and spiritual challenges.  She is very thorough and knowledgeable in many areas of health care

With Caya I don’t feel alone any more.  She has been available to me in so many ways.  
When I was having testing done at the Med. Center she came to the hospital and asked if she could be of assistance to the doctors or me.  She has called me at home to check on my reactions to remedies and see if I was in need of any assistance with changes or additions She has mailed them to me if I needed and clarified directions upon request--often.   She has planned appointments for me so that I have been able to rest and eat before I get too weak.  Simple things can be difficult for me and she understands that.   She has hugged me when I cried and taken me to lunch when I needed to eat.  She does everything she can to help me help myself and be independent.  

Caya has become a dear and precious person to me.  She is not only a necessity in my physical health care but also in all the other areas of her holistic approach to health and life.  Caya has and continues to make a world of difference in the quality of my life.  I am so very thankful and blessed."

C.N. --Jefferson City, MO

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"Caya has been my primary care provider for 7 or 8 years. I began to see her when I was having trouble coping with the stress and emotional turmoil of a difficult divorce and being a single parent of two young children. Using a combination of emotional freedom technique, herbal medicine, homeopathy and energy medicine Caya has helped me heal on numerous occasions. Working with Caya I have experienced relief from colds, sinus infections, symptoms from peri-menopause (including insomnia, irregular bleeding, etc...), GI distress related to infection and intense anxiety and grief, to name a few. 

I've seen many types of health care providers with various types of training over the years. I had wanted to find a practitioner whose methods and attitude were holistic. I found this in Caya; she assists me in healing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes. Her patient and caring approach are invaluable; her support and guidance over the years have been an enormous gift to me."

M.P. - Columbia, MO

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[The following letter came from a mother who came because of her children’s severe learning and behavioral problems at school– they were failing and were having trouble paying attention, and were disruptive in the classroom....]

“Dear Tanski-French, 
“I just wanted to give you an update on the kids.

“During this last round of testing,  R___’s standardized tests were 90% math; 97 or 98% comprehension.  This year he is making mostly As and 1 or 2 B+s. with much less work. 

“S has never struggled in school, but her personality is so much better...  Her headaches are gone; she isn’t up and down with mood swings.  She says she feels better.  Her last eye appointment she had NO change, after 50% worsening last year.

“P’s teacher had had a baby and came back seeing a new  child.... one that is able to sit down, cooperate and listen.  Her teacher said she went from being a troublesome student to one of her best.  She strongly recommends  that we keep her on this diet.  

“I thought you might like to know.”

A.N.-- Jacksonville, MO

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"Thank you for everything you have done for me this past year.  You have introduced me to a new way of living,  actually gave me a new life...."  

E.A.-- Norborne, MO  


"​I have worked for years to notice, heal and clear the impressions and assumptions carried from childhood and beyond. I even wrote a book about healing fears that block us from living fully from the heart. However, sometimes we need help to work through the crusty buried layers that we don’t even recognize.  

Caya has changed my life. She is gentle, sensitive and patient yet provides structure to the process of discovery and healing. She has intuitive skills which allow her to tune in not just to the body, but the spirit. Through this work, I have been able to untangle the web of experiences and reactions that I could have never done by myself."

S.M.--Columbia, MO


"​I have been going to Dr. Caya for the past 6 months and am very happy with my progress both physically and emotionally for she is able to treat both the body and mind.

I have found her to be empathetic and thorough. She listens attentively and follows up on her notes each session, so I feel that I really have her complete attention. Once she has checked on any changes since the last visit and gently asked follow-up questions, she will decide what modality is most suitable.

Her knowledge of modalities in alternative medicine is extensive, and her qualifications impeccable. She is so caring that she will call or E-mail to check on progress between office visits.

I feel that if you look at Dr. Caya’s photograph on the website, you can see her gentle and sincere demeanor. If you add that to her expert knowledge, you can be sure that Dr. Caya is unique. I am glad that I found her and I trust her enough to recommend her to my friends."

C.C. ---Columbia, MO

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"Working with Caya is so great because she has such depth both in knowledge (Western and Non-Western medicine), interpersonal skills, great intuition and compassion. She also has the ability to work with the emotional overlays that so often contribute to, or even initiate, our health issues. She has the presence you want on your side when challenges get overwhelming!"

T.J.  --- Santa Fe, NM


"Caya has helped me so much. When I first started with Caya, I had pretty severe sinus infections at least once a year, bad asthma and other issues. My symptoms started getting better slowly but surely, and I feel like her work with me works long term, improving my condition even when I have stopped taking remedies or seeing her on a regular basis."

A.G. ---Columbia, MO

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"Thank you so much Dr. Tanski for your caring, your knowledge and willingness to go deep to find the solutions to my issues. I feel like you care for me as a whole person, and tailor your approach to my issues and my situation. I really admire your aptitude to read and understand lab tests, and use that information to address problem areas. I have great respect for your abilities to use the various tests, remedies and supplements that have helped me heal. Thank you so much."

GCM -- Albuquerque, NM


"Dr. Tanski-French has been so beneficial in helping me improve my overall health. She has that rare ability and gift to be able to assist patients from a place of great knowledge and a sound intuition. Additionally, Caya is totally 'present' through each process and session, and extremely patient. I find that to be so encouraging during appointments, as it allows one's innate wisdom to help present real solutions to personal imbalances."

S.T. -- Columbia, MO


​"Caya helped me a lot. I was struggling with high blood pressure for over 18 years. She supports me and teaches me how to deal with my health issue.  In a holistic way Caya has helped me with the process of healing my body and mind. She has a very big knowledge and compassion for work with people. My blood pressure is 124/82 now, hurray. I am so happy. Thank you so much Caya!"

​J.S. - New Jersey

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​"I have treasured the opportunity to work with such gifted practitioners, including yourself, in the last four years, and I hope that you will continue to provide the world with the highest quality of EFT available.

There will never be another EFT program with this level of quality and I am proud to say that you are among the best I have seen."  

Tina Craig - March 2015, Author (with Gary Craig, EFT Founder) of The Official EFT Tutorial, and emofree.com. Director, ACEP EFT Certification Program.


"I saw my chiropractor for the first time since I started seeing you. He said, 'Whatever she is having you do, keep it up! The adjustments are now much easier. I'm glad you decided to choose naturopathic care.'" -- B.H. --Owensville, MO


" I originally started working with Caya for hypertension. Over time, she not only helped me lower my blood pressure through a variety of lifestyle and diet choices, she treated me holistically for other related issues as well. The depression and anxiety that had plagued me my whole life were high on the list of things she helped with. Her knowledge of naturopathic medicine, her compassion and kindness, and her ability to heal can not be overstated. Caya took me from having any number of interrelated physical and emotional imbalances to a place of personal strength and health. I would highly recommend treatment by Caya to anyone with any medical issue."  

D.R. - Marshall, Missouri

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​"Dear Caya,
I had an x-ray of my hip and saw my doctor last Thursday.  He said I have no arthritis; have plenty of space between my bones… Also, because of your great pills, I no longer have osteopenia or osteoporosis, which an x-ray a year or so ago showed. I am so pleased and want to THANK YOU."

E.A. - Columbia, MO


​"Dear Caya,
I don't understand doctors these days!!! Every doctor I have seen so far has suggested I remove my gallbladder and "see" if it helps??? I'm sorry but I do not want to remove a body organ unless absolutely necessary. Thank God for you!! You have been the only one that makes sense to me!!....

I am doing well......taking the [remedies] daily. I feel good except when it's getting close to my time of the month or if I overeat.....my anxiety has been mild which I am so thankful for.....I really think the supplements have helped in that department as well. I can't thank you enough for hanging in there with me through all of this. As I have said many times your treatment is the only thing that works for me. I truly appreciate your help."

​N.S. - Warrenton, MO

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​"A few months ago, a facial irritation began to form into a wart under my eye somewhat near my nose. Cosmetically, it was pretty disfiguring as it reached out like a tiny finger that I could wag. My friends kept wanting to remove the "dirt" from my face. Of course, I went to a dermatologist who, checking for cancer, asked, "Does it itch?" No. "Does it burn?" No. Then I could pay $300+ dollars to have it cosmetically removed. I declined and lived with my unwanted wart.

"Then I saw Dr. Tanski, seeking help to address long-term fatigue. After about four weeks, I noticed the wart was rapidly shrinking and drying up. About 3 days later, it just fell off, leaving no scar, no bump, no sign it had ever been part of my face. I have come to believe that the remedies recommended, along with a much healthier supportive diet, were the only cure I really needed. The disappearance of the wart was a surprise, but the main surprise was how much calmer and more balanced I feel in my daily life. I have 'sustainable' energy."

B.E. - Hannibal, MO


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"Hello Caya... Thank you for the work that you do. My eyes have been opened to new pathways I had never thought to investigate in life. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to expand my horizons of consciousness. Thursday, the day after our appointment, I was presented with three opportunities to do good in the lives of others. The significance for me was soul awakening. I have not felt this feeling in a very long time. It puts me in awe of the gifts bestowed upon me. You are one of those gifts and I am forever grateful. I continue to grow into someone I once knew and have longed to be for a long time. I'm not sure why I let that side of me slip away. I'm just glad that I'm finding my way back. Many blessings to you and those that surround you!

L.W. -- Eugene, MO